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Cecotec Z-City

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In this blog we would like to give you an explanation about our rental models so you have a better idea of ​​which model suits you when you explore Málaga.

In this article we discuss the Cecotec Z-City!

First impression

The Cecotec Z-City is a light compact Electric Scooter. An agile model that she certainly wants to be seen on. When bystanders see this scooter, they wonder where you can rent it. Thanks to the striking features, this becomes clear quite quickly and you can even scan the QR code on the front of the scooter to find all information about 2WheelsToursMalaga. Our customers who traveled with the Cecotec Z-City received a lot of attention and positive comments.

Specifications & Range

The range of the Cecotec Z-City is of course also important to know. There are 3 modes possible and for each mode it is explained how far you can drive with it. The 3 modes are explained below.

In 'Walking' mode: max. speed of 6km/h then you have a range of +/- 60km*

In 'Comfort' mode: max. speed of 15km/h then you have a range of +/- 50km*

In 'Sport' mode: maximum speed of 25km/h then you have a range of +/- 25km*

*Range depends on terrain, wind and user weight.

It is logical that if you have the scooter in mode 3 'sport', the battery will empty faster than if you use it in mode 1 'walking'. It is also good to know that if you go up a lot of hills, etc., it is logical that the battery will drain faster. The user of this scooter may weigh a maximum of 100kg and only 1 person at the same time.

The weight of this scooter is only 26kg.

The dimensions are 118,7 x 25,5 x 51,1 cm

Power: 1000W

Most scooters have a phone holder that is useful for navigating.More information about our rental models can be found here.

Why the Cecotec Z-City?

Our experience with the Cecotec Z-City Scooter is, as can be read in the previous section, a very striking and beautiful scooter to see and ride. We have several colors available of this striking appearance. You are clearly visible while driving and there is also good lighting on the scooter. We have installed a phone holder on several rental models so that you always have the map with you and can see where you are going. You can visit many famous sights with this scooter and enjoy the beautiful view. All in all, a solid scooter with a beautiful appearance!

Positive and negative experiences

Positive: The Cecotec Z-City Scooter is an environmentally friendly means of transport. It allows users to explore Málaga while reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living. By riding an electric scooter, individuals can enjoy the sights and sounds of Málaga while contributing to a cleaner environment. It is a convenient and innovative way to travel around the city and discover all that Málaga has to offer. This way you can enjoy your journey of discovery through Málaga even longer!

Negative: While testing the Cecotec Z-City, it was immediately noticeable that this model is very light and that the scooter wants to rise when you lean back, especially when going uphill. It is important when you are out and about with basically all electric scooters that you lean forward when going uphill. However, this is the only drawback to this scooter.

Conclusion: If you want to go for compact and agile, the Cecotec Z-City is a good option, but if you prefer a little more comfort during your journey of discovery, it is better to choose smartGyro K2-Pro. View our current rental models here and we wish you a lot of fun during your stay in Málaga!


We hope to have given you a better idea of ​​the Cecotec Z-City. You can always take a look at our rental page to see the current rental models. Discovering Málaga with an Electric/Solar Scooter is a super fun experience. When you are on the road with our scooters and the sun is shining, you are guaranteed to get a smile on your face! See you soon in sunny Málaga!

Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog to share your experiences!

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