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We are happy to solve your problems with your Electric Scooters!

Our Services

All the services you need, in one place!

2Wheels Tours Malaga is an Official Dealer (Tienda Oficial).

We offer an extensive repair service (taller) for your electric scooter!

Our workshop is accessible to everyone. We are able to solve almost every problem with an electric scooter. Flat tires, replacing parts of the braking system, replacing the battery/installing range extenders, etc...

To get an idea of what we do, you can see below what we do. If you have a problem with your electric scooter that is not listed, you can contact us to see what the options are!


You can come to our store whenever you want to drop off your electric scooter. Otherwise, please contact us to make an appointment by telephone or email or you can use the form in the bottom of the page.


~The 2WheelsToursMalaga Team

Battery repair/replace 2wheelstoursmalaga

Battery repair/replace

Do you have a problem with your battery or do you want it replaced? We will look at what is going on and then make a quote for you.

brake pads/disc 2wheelstoursmalaga

Brake pads/disc

Are your brakes worn or do you have another problem with them? Feel free to drop by and we'll see what's going on and make sure you can get back on the road again.

range extender 2wheelstoursmalaga

Range extender

Would you like to enjoy your ride longer? Then a range extender is the perfect solution to explore the most beautiful places longer and further away! Ask us about the possibilities.

display/speed controller 2wheelstoursmalaga

Display/Speed controller

Do you have a problem with your display or speed controller? We will look into what is going on and be happy to resolve it for you.

tire replacement/repair 2wheelstoursmalaga

Tire replacement/repair

It's always annoying when your tire is broken or punctured. You can have your tire repaired or replaced with us if repair is no longer possible or the tire is worn out.

mirror mounting 2wheelstoursmalaga

Mirror mounting

If you would like to have a mirror on your electric scooter so that you can see better what is happening behind you, you can have it installed by us.

brake cable replace 2wheelstoursmalaga

Brake cable replace

Do you have a problem with your brake cable? Then we can solve this for you, we are happy to look at what is going on.

phone holder mounting 2wheelstoursmalaga

Phone holder mounting

Would you like to have a telephone holder installed? We are happy to install this for you so that you can always follow the route.

motor replace 2wheelstoursmalaga

Motor replace

Are you experiencing problems with your electric motor? We are happy to see what is going on and can solve it for you!

diagnostics 2wheelstoursmalaga


Do you have a complex complaint or malfunction that requires a diagnosis? We would like to see what is going on and see if we can solve this for you, please make an appointment.

illumination repair/replace 2wheelstoursmalaga

Illumination repair/replace

Are you having problems with your illumination? We will be happy to look into what is going on and resolve it for you!

other 2wheelstoursmalaga


Do you have another problem that has not yet been mentioned? Please contact us by phone and submit this complaint and we can schedule an appointment to see what is going on.

Get in touch with us

Do you have a question or a problem with your electric scooter? Please contact us by phone or email and explain your question or problem as clearly as possible so that we can help you as best as possible. If you would like to make an appointment, please also contact us by email or call us.

Avenida de la Aurora, 3, Málaga, Spanje

+34 637 552 877

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With us you have also come to the right place for accessories for your Electric Scooter.

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